Sunday, May 12, 2013

May 2013

The months keep flying by.  My time is ticking away and I am determined to squeeze as much as I can into what I have left. 

Forget about that.  Here's a picture of a bird, a Great Blue Heron.  They're very common and easy to photograph.

This heron is standing on top of a submerged tree trunk in the middle of Pelahatchie Bay where I happened to be on a warm, late afternoon last week.  I was in my canoe with nothing in mind but getting out in the peaceful solitude.  If you are a skilled canoeist, it can be the next best thing to swimming, and you can take beer with you, and a camera.

It's no secret I'm a bird lover.  There is an island in the cove just west of our home, upon which a Purple Martin Gourd structure has been leaning, and finally falling into the water for the past few years.  I summoned the help of Kyle and his friend Daniel, and we paddled over with shovel, digger, rope and concrete to try to salvage it from the water.
I had seen birds nesting in the gourds even as they were only a few feet above the surface.

We were successful.  Martins were flying above and around the structure, and I saw two inside gourds and others perching on top.

While we worked, men nearby on a pier asked what we were up to, and one told us his father had put up the gourds over twenty years ago. 

Next...touring cyclists in the house!