Sunday, December 02, 2012


The weather has been such that we've enjoyed some vivid fall foliage this year.  The photo is one of many, and this one not particularly nice. 

 I pass this spot on my way to work most days on a parkway development that has not developed much in the three or four years since the road was opened.  The boulevard style thouroghfare passes through some tall hardwoods and open fields, with lots of marsh.  It's a great habitat for wildlife, and I often eat my lunch parked on the side of the road, camera and binoculars at the ready. I call it "Hawk Haven" because of the numerous Red Tailed Hawks and Northern Harriers that migrate there in the winter months.

Now begins the destruction.  Progress, jobs maybe?  It remains to be seen who will benefit from the conversion of vast wildlife habitat.  Certainly not the wildlife.