Sunday, December 02, 2012


The weather has been such that we've enjoyed some vivid fall foliage this year.  The photo is one of many, and this one not particularly nice. 

 I pass this spot on my way to work most days on a parkway development that has not developed much in the three or four years since the road was opened.  The boulevard style thouroghfare passes through some tall hardwoods and open fields, with lots of marsh.  It's a great habitat for wildlife, and I often eat my lunch parked on the side of the road, camera and binoculars at the ready. I call it "Hawk Haven" because of the numerous Red Tailed Hawks and Northern Harriers that migrate there in the winter months.

Now begins the destruction.  Progress, jobs maybe?  It remains to be seen who will benefit from the conversion of vast wildlife habitat.  Certainly not the wildlife.

Sunday, November 04, 2012


Here's some pics from the past year while I wasn't posting to the blog.  

These dogs were sunning themselves on a hillside on a cool afternoon in November of last year.  Ruthie made me turn the car around to go back and get a picture. Ok. 

Water view of our new residence.  We moved from my home of 23 years about a mile away, to this wonderful place.  The details of the situation are known to some of you, but suffice to say we have been very fortunate and most grateful.

This is the family celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.  Mom is seated holding John Franklin, the newest member at about five months old.


Blue Winged Teal
Saluting Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun, "Nice Beaver!"


I steered the canoe to within a few feet of this Banded Water Snake, Ruthie with the camera, surprisingly fearless. 


Ruthie again.  We head out on the water in the canoe just before sunset as often as possible.

Life is good.


Saturday, October 20, 2012

Carolina Vacation

I finally did it!  I took a whole week off from work!  I haven't been away from the job for nine straight days since 2001.  Well, maybe I managed a Christmas week here and there.  Ruthie made the arrangements months ago, and informed me of the dates I would need to reserve.  She rented a cabin for three nights in the mountains of Maggie Valley, North Carolina.

We began our drive on Wednesday, dogs included, at 5:00 AM, following the Garmin trail through Birmingham, Chattanooga and a scenic route through Great Smoky Mountains National Park.  The drive took a bit over ten hours, and after arriving in Maggie Valley, the climb up 4000 feet of a sometimes narrow, one-lane, gravel, steep, winding road to our cabin really got my attention.  "We're not leaving this cabin 'til Saturday!" was the first thing I said as we came to a stop.  I recovered my driving courage the next day, and we eventually made several trips up and down the mountain to the town below, and to Asheville and Waynesville for shopping excursions.

This was the view from the upper of two decks of the cabin.  The leaves were just reaching peak colors, the weather was great, and the cabin was comfortable and interesting.

Thursday night, we visited Scott and Shelda and ate at a nice restaurant in Waynesville.  Scott is an old best friend and former brother-in-law who moved to NC twenty something years ago.  He is a house and cabin builder, and his wife Shelda sells and manages rental properties.  Here's a link to her website:

We were particularly pleased that we were able to take our dogs, Rabbit and Sheba on the trip. They seemed to enjoy the adventure, and behaved well while we left them alone in the cabin.

Monday, October 08, 2012

Old News

One year ago, when I stopped posting to my blog, life continued much as it has in the fall.  I had some long days and weekends at work, but managed to make it to the Paddle, Pant, Pedal Tri with Jamie.  He and I race as a team, and due to the relatively small field, we nearly always win a 1st or 2nd place trophy.

I own a Sport Utility Vehicle, and I make sure it is used properly!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

Time to Try This Again

A year and a month have passed since my last post.  I apologize if anyone noticed and was disappointed.  That length of time has probably made even my brother quit checking for something new. 

The past year has been pretty busy.  We've moved to a new house, work has really gotten pathetic, and I just haven't been motivated to put in the time I need to post something I feel isn't totally worthless.  Let me blame my friends, too.  KayVee quit her blog, though she can be forgiven for anything because of all I owe her.  Tea almost quit posting, which made me lazy, but now she's posting like crazy!  Something every day this week!

I have so many photos to go through and boring stories to tell. Stand by for news!