Sunday, December 07, 2008

Arizona Thanksgiving Trip

After a hectic Monday and a 13-hour day at work Tuesday, we were on our way Wednesday aboard an early flight to Tucson for the holiday weekend. Of course we had to fly to Altanta first, but that's normal for Delta Airlines. I guess our plane was slower than the one I saw passing us somewhere over Texas. Our reasons for going to Tucson were about getting me out of town and away from work, but the best part was having family and friends there to share some good times with.

We stayed at the El Conquistador Resort Hotel, a really nice place northeast of Tucson at the
foot of the Catalina Mountains.

Thanksgiving dinner was at the hotel grand buffet, with all the finest meats and cheeses in the land.

Cousin Sara joined us at noon for the feast, and she and Wifeunit talked all afternoon in the lobby while I relaxed on the cozy furniture. It was the most peaceful afternoon I've spent in a long while. I stared out the window at the mountains and dozed off while listening to the buzz of the girls' conversation, the sounds of the feast contiuing and a football game on a distant television in the lounge.

Not one to neglect my training schedule, Friday morning I ventured off on a run, down the busy road north to Catalina State Park, about 4 miles from the hotel. Wifeunit met me there with water and snacks. I ran another mile or so to the end of the road where some nice trails begin.

The running route was beautiful, and the weather fine. I did notice a difference in my effort since the altitude was higher than home, I think about 2600 feet.

Wifeunit and I took a short, 1-mile trail and enjoyed a nice sample of the desert landscape.

The Saguaro Cactus was an unusual sight for
Mississippi natives.

No fences, no billboards, no buildings as far as you could see.

We spent Saturday on a guided tour hosted by Vera and Larry, who moved from Mississippi to Tucson several years ago. We did some shopping, had some lunch and visited the historic Mission of San Xavier del Bac.

We had a wonderful day and lots of fun with our friends. Below are more pics, including a roadrunner, quail and two goofy tourists.