Sunday, November 09, 2008

The Best Time of Year

The weather here these past few weeks here has been clear and beautiful. The leaves on the trees are in full color and the temperatures are chilly at night, but warm during the day. October and November are my favorite months, and in spite of my working a lot of weekend hours, Wifeunit and I have been able to enjoy a couple road trips to the Gulf Coast.

We made our annual trip to Jamie & Bethany's in Wiggins for Jamie and me to defend our "Paddle - Pant - Pedal" Triathlon First Place Open Team title. (This was easy since all the other teams were in the relay or mixed categories.). We spent a lazy afternoon at the farm and at the creek, and that night sat around the fire with our favorite beverages.

The next weekend was our return to Ocean Springs and the Peter Anderson Festival. Another beautiful day and visit with ML and Harry. We took a boat ride late in the day and enjoyed a nice sunset on the Pascagoula River marsh. And I did not neglect my marathon training - I drove to Gulf Islands National Seashore - Davis Bayou Park for an early morning run.