Monday, May 07, 2007

Training Heats Up

It's the peak of my training season. I train all year, but October through December are usually more relaxed and poor weather begins in January. February, March, April and May are devoted to my goal: finish the Heatwave Classic 5 minutes under last year's time. I have my first year of triathlon experience behind me and much more confidence. Last year I doubted whether I would finish at all.

Yesterday I tried a "brick workout" that taught me something. Paul and I rode 36 or so miles at a decent 18 mph pace, considering the wind. Immediately afterward, I ran through the woods to Rice Road and on to the trail which is the Heatwave course. It was 10 am, so the 90 degree heat was not far off. I ran the outbound leg up the hills to the Crafts Center nearly all the way, but the heat and my tired legs caused me to walk up the final hill. Coming back down was no problem at a good pace, but the hills and flats in the direct sunlight slowed me to a walk. I discovered that my time was as good or better than when I refuse to walk and struggle along at a tiny-stepped jog.

Four weeks from now will be the test.