Saturday, September 03, 2011

Just 3 Months Behind Now

   At last, after 6 attempts, I finished 3rd in my age group at the 26th Annual Cotton States Triathlon in Lake Providence, Louisiana.  The trophy I'm holding is the coveted miniature cotton bale.
  I've slowed down my triathlon activity because of the serious heat we've had this summer.  I did the hometown Heatwave Classic, and like many others, posted a personal slowest record finish.  It didn't help that the old guys' swim wave started last, putting us on the run course at around 9:30.  By then the temperature was approaching 90 degrees.
 Earlier this summer, a group of us paddled down the Pearl River from the reservoir to Mayes Lake.  It was a great trip with the exception of a tough headwind for the last couple miles.  JD and Kyle couldn't resist a leap off the structure that protects an area of the bank from erosion.
 Kyle sports an unusual style of headgear.
 Above, three baby Martins in a gourd nest, wathching for mom and dad with food delivery.
Delta State University Fighting Okra

 Paul and I took part in the Open Water Swim at Eagle Lake again this year.  Paul finished 3rd and I was 5th in the Male Masters division.  Kay Vee finished 3rd in her age group in the triathlon.

 I finally said goodbye to my trusty 1997 4 Runner.  236,000 miles and nearly 14 years of faithful service.  The replacement is a 2011 Nissan Pathfinder Silver Edition.  Pretty nice.

Here's a nice picture of Ruthie and Sheba at the park this spring.