Sunday, November 04, 2012


Here's some pics from the past year while I wasn't posting to the blog.  

These dogs were sunning themselves on a hillside on a cool afternoon in November of last year.  Ruthie made me turn the car around to go back and get a picture. Ok. 

Water view of our new residence.  We moved from my home of 23 years about a mile away, to this wonderful place.  The details of the situation are known to some of you, but suffice to say we have been very fortunate and most grateful.

This is the family celebrating my Mom's 80th birthday.  Mom is seated holding John Franklin, the newest member at about five months old.


Blue Winged Teal
Saluting Leslie Nielsen in the Naked Gun, "Nice Beaver!"


I steered the canoe to within a few feet of this Banded Water Snake, Ruthie with the camera, surprisingly fearless. 


Ruthie again.  We head out on the water in the canoe just before sunset as often as possible.

Life is good.